Google’s Diversity

There was a time when Google was just a search and Ad company. They are still leading those industries, but added so much to their portfolio especially in the last few years or so.

  • Search
  • Advertisements (Adsense, Admob)
  • Mobile OS (Android)
  • Hardware (Motorola, Chromebook Pixel)
  • Laptop (Chrome OS)
  • Smart TV (Google TV)
  • Social Media (Google+)
  • Local (Google Offers, Zagat)
  • Payments (Google Wallet)
  • Maps (Google Maps, Waze)
  • Email (Gmail)
  • Productivity (Docs, Calendar, Blogger)
  • Enterprise (Google App Engine)
  • Browser (Chrome)
  • Cloud Storage (Drive)
  • Photo Sharing (Picasa)
  • Video Sharing (YouTube)
  • Google Play Store, second only to iTunes
  • Communication (Hangouts, Voice)
  • Internet (Google Fiber, Balloon Project)
  • Wearable Tech (Google Glass, Watch)
  • Self Driving Cars
  • And many more I would have missed.

Many of these products works nicely within themselves. Each of the above have its own competitions. Google just takes everyone head-on anytime it sees a potential in any industry. Even now it makes most of its money from Advertisements, but all the other products contribute to that. If one industry fails, others step up. I don’t see fatigue coming anytime soon.

This is why I love this company!

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