Use iPhone on Project Fi

Thanks to Project Fi, I can use my iPhone alongside Nexus 6 for calls and texts!


If you don’t know what Project Fi is, this is an attempt of Google to do something unprecedented in mobile industry. That is being Simple, Cheap and yet give double the network coverage. Yes, Project Fi is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) network that runs on T-Mobile and Sprint networks. Two is better than one right? Yes, as long as Google can make it to work! But that is not the point of discussion here.


With Project Fi, your Google Voice number gets merged with your phone number. That means if you use Google Hangouts to call a US number (from US), the calls are not just free, but also will go as if you are dialing from your phone number. Ok, how about the incoming calls? Hangouts have ability to receive incoming calls too! Where does all of this leaves us? Though Project Fi SIM is supported officially only in Nexus 6, I can afford to leave my Nexus 6 home. I can carry a different device, why not an iPhone, install Hangouts for all your calls and texts. Only drawback is you will be heavily relying on the data network. Don’t expect clear and smooth calls unless there is 3G / 4G LTE or WiFi.


Project Fi has many advertised features including double network coverage, seamless network to network transitions including WiFi, automatic connections to public WiFi through Google VPN, refund for unused data etc. But the ability to use any phone (or even any browser as long as you can get to Google Hangouts) as your phone is amazing to say the least. And better than any other google experiments, this works great as well!


Well, yes, I am not using iPhone “on” Project Fi network. But I am running my iPhone “on” the Project Fi number!


Now that is how I am rocking an iPhone alongside my Nexus 6!

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