Google teases modular phone with Project Ara

Heard about the Google’s Project Ara, where you build your own phone like we used to build our own computers a decade ago?

The video is very promising. Now only hoping, this is as cool as it shows in the video, comes to market soon and also affordable!

Also it will be very interesting to see how the Android OEM’s react to this, especially knowing that Google will allow many small players to make compatible modules, biting into the already very tight android manufacturers market.



Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay

Android Auto

It may be obvious coming from me, but I like Android Auto much better than Apple CarPlay. Android Auto seems much polished and totally customized for the Drive mode than the Apple’s counterpart which looks too familiar and more like looking at iPhone 3G!

It is easy to guess from these Screenshots which is what.

Car maker support is all split for now. But I am expecting most of them to support both platforms. After all, they don’t want a $600 product to determine purchase of their $30,000 or more product!

Process how Android devices get (or don’t get) updated to latest OS

This is the process how the phone manufacturers, or HTC to the least update your devices to latest Android version. Simply said, why on earth is your update to latest and greatest Android version always delayed or most of the times never happens.

HTC recently released a nice dashboard (click here) and this below infographic flowchart to depict what does it really take to push an Android OS update. This covers Carrier Models (like T-Mobile HTC One), International / Dev Models (like the Unlocked ones that often surface in eBay) and Google Play Editions.

This is a good move where the Manufacturers feel the need to differentiate themselves in supporting their devices and providing timely OS upgrade. They now do have to compete with Google’s own Motorola who has set a very high benchmark (click here)!

So next time if your carrier device is not getting updated, blame the damn carrier and move to the one who takes this as a priority!