The man behind Samsung Watch: Pranav Mistry

Wearable technology is going to create the next buzz in the consumer electronics industry – Smart Watches, Google Glass kind of augmented reality gadgets, Fitness gears etc. The industry will get shape next year 2014. One such revolutionizing product may even come from Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Gear:

Now, it is about the Samsung Galaxy Gear, aka Watch. Samsung wanted to get into the game ahead of Apple and created this for their first generation. Not bad function wise, but didn’t have that “wow” factor to impress most people. Looks more like a utilitarian than something special. The watch is said to be designed and presented to the world by an 32 year oldĀ Indian computer scientist, Pranav Mistry.

Who is Pranav Mistry:

Pranav joined Samsung in 2012 and is now heading their research department named think tank team. What was he doing before? Most of us know him for his TED video of sixth sense. It was an amazing video where he demonstrates the wearable gestural interface he had invented. He is also known for several other inventions in his young age and hails from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. From my opinion Galaxy gear may not be best of his creations, but eager to see more from this young potential.