Google Maps now talks Hindi!

Google’s focus on India continues, in their venture to reach the next billion people! After dedicated Android platform (Android One) for countries like India and including Translation abilities for almost all major Indian languages, next comes Voice navigation in Hindi!

Yes, now you can be guided by voice in Hindi when using Google Maps. Give it a try!



Google made my job much easy now, with Google Tips!

I mean my blogging job! I started to blog for bringing out interesting stuff about Android and Google Products in general. Today, Google is joining me in unveiling many of its hidden gems out of its numerous products and services!

Here comes, Google Tips (link).

This gives bits of helpful information for quick reading. Read only what you care about. Has interesting filter criteria for you to be focused. Obviously this is not supposed to be a user manual for each of its product, but very good for beginners and intermediate users!

Way to go Google!

Wonobo beats Google in India Street View

While Google is going through so many administrative challenges to get its Google Street View going in India, a small Mumbai-based Maps startup has gone miles, literally! They are making news now and expect them to be bought over soon! Microsoft (Nokia), Google, anyone?

More here, here and in the official site. It is slow, yes, but a good start.