Pointly – Location Sharing via SMS

My first app, under my personal banner is available in Google Play Store. iOS version is coming soon (as soon as Apple approves it).

Pointly is a location sharing app, where the device sharing location don’t need any data. The device receiving the location, also don’t need data, as long as the Google Maps is cached! All transactions happen through SMS. Completely private. More Android integrated features coming soon.

The app is FREE with no Ads or in-app purchases! Give it a try and give your feedback!


Google Now: Location based Reminders

In today’s smartphones there are so many ways of setting yourself some useful reminders. The voice assistants do a good job there in this space.

All these reminders are time based. What if you want to be reminded based on an interested location? Like when you go home, or go to work or even as abstract as going to your favorite grocery store? Google Now fills this gap for Android. Look at the examples below and you will see what I am talking about.

These location aware reminders DOES NOT use GPS and hence does not drain your battery. But this creates problem that these won’t be 100% accurate. I have seen these working perfectly most of the times. But when they are off, either I won’t get a timely reminder when I am at the interested location, or sometimes overly proactive reminders when I am just driving by and not exactly at the location.

Anyway, it is worth trying out. Couldn’t try this for iOS. So my iOS friends let me know if it works.

Tip: If you don’t talk in your device’s default English Accent (US or UK based on the country), change to the right English accent under Google Now Voice settings. English India works perfect for me. This setting alone will change the way you interact (or talk) to your device.