Do you want to type in Hinglish? Android got you covered!

Came across this cool language feature in two of the most famous Android Keyboards (Swiftkey and Swype). You can type in Hinglish. That is typing Hindi words in English with auto corrections, spellings and ease! Watch the below videos to see exactly what is going on.

If you do type Hindi, you got to say “kewl yaar”!

Swype: (Get it here)

Swiftkey: (Get it here)


Customize Android: Keyboards

Keyboards. Its implied in many sense that it is virtual keyboard on the touch screen. While the physical keyboards are still around in few phones, the virtual keyboard customization has taken Android by storm. This is arguably one of the biggest flexibility that Android has to offer to satisfy one’s inputting needs.

Interesting relationship between Android and Keyboards go a long way. T-Mobile G1, the first Android phone ever, didn’t have a virtual keyboard when it was released. Yes, it only had the physical keyboard and the fix came as part of an update. From that point of early 2009 till now, the number of Keyboard options available on Android are innumerable. Listed below are some notables ones and the there are definitely more.


My most favorite  I simply cannot type anymore with any other Keyboard. It is so indispensable that I miss it in any other touch screen device I touch! This was only available in public Beta till last year. But it is now available officially in Play Store for 99c. Apart from swiping your fingers to type a word, now it also supports voice and free-form writing. Swiping your fingers over the letters instead of actually pressing the numbers the traditional way may seem intimidating at first. But don’t let it overwhelm you. This is actually very simple to you and grows on you. Give it a try today if you don’t know about it.


Probably the most popular keyboard. Works basically off strong word prediction and auto corrections. Has free trail, paid and tablet versions.


There are lot more like Thumb Keyboard (Tablet Centric), SlideIt Keyboard etc. To top these, the new Keyboard from Android 4.2 Jelly Beans now has an excellent word prediction and auto correction built-in making it a strong candidate by itself. It also has the way to sliding fingers like Swype. As I am writing this, Google has made this Keyboard available as an App in Play Store for all. So one more excellent keyboard choice available for selection!

If you know others, mention in the comments.