Amazon’s yesterday shipping parody coming true?

Amazon’s predictive shipping of physical goods based on your past purchases. Is it a fantasy or a soon-to-be reality? This below video of Amazon Parody is one my favorites. But now question arises, is this is a merely a joke or something bigger?

There are so many reports like the below one says that Amazon may be predicting your shopping behavior and shipping goods before even you order them? Awesome or Scary? Depends on you!

Source: Verge


Top 5 reasons why Nexus 5 is delayed [funny]

Obviously this is not meant to be a serious article. Just possible speculations on what might be going wrong that is delaying Android Kit Kat, Nexus 5, Nexus 10 and even a possible Google Watch.

5. Google wants to know what Apple had in store.

Well, usual wait and watch game. Also they might have wanted the new iPad wave to settle and don’t want their announcement to go in shadow.

4. Unexpected Kit Kat licensing issues or Hershey’s wants Halloween to be over.

How about a last minute royalty issues in using the name Kit Kat? Or… People are going to buy Kit Kat regardless till October 31st in the US. Later the announcement comes, more candies they can sell even after Halloween! Sounds counter intuitive though!

Bad Hershey’s!

3. Code issues at the Google Android camp.

How about some weird code issue that crashes and slows down Kit Kat every time? Google is spending all their energy and even buying companies to fix it!

2. Supply chain delays with LG.

Well, this one may be seriously happening. Happened in Nexus 4. Why not again? Or Google and LG wants to go as much into the Holiday season so the meager stock they have are all stuffed.

1. Government Shutdown.

This may be true as well. Google not able to get the devices FCC approved in time before the Government Shutdown and now they are waiting in line!

Whatever it is, release it already Google, before the hype dies…

Introducing… Moto X

[UPDATE] As expected the video is taken down. Video showed a feature of talking to phone (Google Now) without touching the device – Always on Listener for your Voice.

Rumors of first Google designed Motorola phone, Moto X. Depending on how serious Google is, this link may be taken down soon.

Google is advertising this as the first phone to be designed and built in the USA. It is also said to be coming with some extra customizing options.

Rumor says, it is coming this August!

“OK Google Now, when is the Moto X getting released?”