Pointly – Location Sharing via SMS

My first app, under my personal banner is available in Google Play Store. iOS version is coming soon (as soon as Apple approves it).

Pointly is a location sharing app, where the device sharing location don’t need any data. The device receiving the location, also don’t need data, as long as the Google Maps is cached! All transactions happen through SMS. Completely private. More Android integrated features coming soon.

The app is FREE with no Ads or in-app purchases! Give it a try and give your feedback!


Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay

Android Auto

It may be obvious coming from me, but I like Android Auto much better than Apple CarPlay. Android Auto seems much polished and totally customized for the Drive mode than the Apple’s counterpart which looks too familiar and more like looking at iPhone 3G!

It is easy to guess from these Screenshots which is what.

Car maker support is all split for now. But I am expecting most of them to support both platforms. After all, they don’t want a $600 product to determine purchase of their $30,000 or more product!

iPhone review by an Android fan

I was planning to get an iPhone myself to give it a fair chance. To find out what all this hype is about. Is a mere breakable, bendable, less powerful, expensive piece of electronic worth waiting in line?

This review is too good, that I can now save my $650 + tax.

Wrap-up (From the below Source)
My experience with the iPhone 6 ends like I expected it to. The phone was impressive in battery life, camera, display, and performance categories, but I was ultimately left frustrated by the intricacies of iOS 8 that differ from Android. From Settings and Notifications handling to the silos that still exist while developers get their apps ready for Extensions to that damn physical home button. It’s obvious that Apple has created an experience that they feel is the best for everyone, except they forgot about the tinkerers of the world and those of us who want ultimate control, who want to customize a phone’s experience, and who don’t want to be told that their phone should be used a certain way.
The iPhone 6 and iOS are consistent – they just aren’t consistently what I want.

Is it all about a big phone?

iPhone grows up, from a Lilliputian to a mature size, from being microscopic to be seen finally in naked eyes! Seriously in 2014, cannot imagine a tiny 4″ screen for a gorgeous UI (no pun intended). The bigger size has potential to change a lot, and it will. All the users Apple lost to Samsung, may come back to mother Apple. That in turn means pressure on other manufacturers and the ones who will thrive in this equal-sized war is us, the consumers!

Meanwhile, what does Samsung has to say? They have a point – “Its not just about big size, its about being more productive”. Let us wait and see how this goes.

Samsung Galaxy S5: What is good and what is fluff?

Great. This year’s first flagship device is announced. Samsung Galaxy S5. Is it really a Galaxy S4s or is it worth an upgrade? Read on.

What is really new and good in Galaxy S5?

Selective Focus

DSLR cameras produces awesome ‘bokeh’ effects with blurring the background and highlighting the subject. This background defocussing will definitely make the S5 camera apart from others.

Finger print scanner

Well, this is not new. iPhone 5S has it. But Samsung adds a twist and its gimmicks as usual. Now you can use your finger print to make payments, at store and online. Also assign different fingers for opening different apps or simply lock the screen.

Water proof

Water resistant, rather. Nice to have this. You still cannot take underwater photography with this. But spills are alright.

Ultra power saving mode

When battery is low and set in ultra power saving mode, your phone turns Black and White and can last in stand by for 24 hours in just 10% remaining  juice. That got to be handy.

Heart rate sensor

Galaxy S5 has dedicated heart rate monitor near the phone flash. This feature is a game changer, but surely a nice to have.

Multi LTE and Wifi

Now to improve the download and data speeds in general, the LTE and Wifi can work in conjunction. This also improves the data reliability heavily especially if you have fluctuating data and wifi signals. How does this impact battery? We have to wait and watch. Actually, this is a dream come true feature for me. I have always wondered why this is not done so far.

What is not so new or great:

  • Better Processor: Usual stuff. Everyone does it.
  • Kids mode: Android natively has it for tablets for users. LG G2 has this already.
  • Bigger better screen: Expected from Samsung.
  • Fitness: The new marketing keyword for cell phones.

Should you get one? If you love these features, sure go ahead. But I would wait till few more phones get announced this year like next HTC One or bigger iPhone 6.

A quick video to learn about all these features:

If you have appetite for more, go ahead with this video also:

Don’t take OTA when having Custom recovery. But why?

Anyone rooting and installing custom recovery or ROM in their Android devices would have heard not to take Over the Air (OTA) software update. But why?

OTA may be new to iOS users, but was integral part of Android experience right from the beginning. OTA will be pushed only if you are using the default ROM and don’t have a custom, 3rd party built ROM. That will be the case for many, as most of the folks, like me, will only root and install custom recovery but don’t venture into custom ROMs for stability purposes.

Any OTA will mostly tend to only deliver patches to the System and also possible updates to the pre-installed recovery. OTA does not assume you might have custom recovery.

Most likely root privileges will be lost after OTA. In many cases that is alright assuming you can root the newer software version also. Bigger problem is you will end up in Boot Loop (bootloop) or get stuck in your custom recovery as the OTA will mess up with your recovery installation. More here. I learnt this the hard way for my T-Mobile LG G2 D80110G update. Thanks to XDA developers I am back on track or else my device is, what we call, bricked!

Ok, then how do you get an over the air update when you have installed custom recovery? What is the work around? In safer side, you would have to revert to stock recovery then get the OTA, as long as you have the stock ROM. Or simply wait for someone to deliver an image update which you can flash in your device without hurting anything. Whatever it is, follow your device forum at the XDA developers.

In simple terms clarifying what some of the above jargon mean: (pretty much doing any of these will void warranty of your device!)

Rooting: Process of getting Super User or elevated rights on your Android device. You can do simple stuff like removing unwanted default apps that carriers push or even over / under clock the CPU to your heart’s desire!

Recovery: This is a bootable partition that is used to handle flashing content to your device and also to manage total image backup and restore. Every phone comes with it. You can install custom ones like TWRP and CWM for easier and advanced operations.

ROM: The Android OS, being Open Source can be customized to any level. Any such Android installable is called a ROM. It can be stock, meaning as provided by your manufacturer or custom ROM like CyanagenMod, Omni or Paranoid ROM.